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I Saw, I Learnt

July 9, 2013

I learnt this value from my husband, who in turn learnt it from a magazine article.

Few days after we got married, we were walking by the road side, chatting about something. Suddenly, my husband stopped talking, closed his eyes and started saying  something inaudible.

I got confused, waited till he opened his eyes and asked, ‘what happened?’

‘Did you hear that sound of Ambulance?’

‘Yes, What that has to do with your sudden silence? Do you know who is inside that?’

‘Doesn’t matter, that sound tells me that someone needs urgent medical attention, and hence, I wanted to pray to god to save his life, and for his speedy recovery!’ he said, ‘Imagine, if everyone prays like this, won’t that power of collective wish save that life?’

I thought this is very very valuable, and started following this religiously, Today everyone in our family, including my kids do this whenever we hear the sound of an ambulance, I also tell this to everyone I know, including you, who read this article now!

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  1. …and I hope all those who read your post will learn to give way to the ambulance whenever they hear the siren.

    Arvind Passey

  2. I had attended a satsang of chanting ‘Gayatri mantra’ and at the end the lady asked us to say a prayer whenever an ambulance passes by. and I do so.There is lot of ‘shakti’ in prayers.

  3. Very nice read. Even I do it every time I hear the siren of an ambulance.

  4. Hmmm. Good People are getting more and more aware.

  5. sheethalsusan permalink

    I lost a friend of mine in an accident. And after that incident I too do this whenever I hear the sound of an ambulance. As your husband said, if a second’s prayer can save a life then that’s the best thing.

    🙂 Regards.

  6. pankajjsharma permalink

    it is actually something to learn and follow religiously.

  7. ” if everyone prays like this, won’t that power of collective wish save that life?’” – Beautiful thought.

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