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Timely Help

April 19, 2013

I was returning from my home town to Bangalore, and due to heavy queues at the toll booths, our bus reached Bangalore around 11:30 only, and I had to negotiate around 1 kilometer of walk to my home.

Usually, as soon as we get down from the bus, auto drivers gather around us and throw all kinds of promises (meter rate only, you pay whatever you want etc.,). After the actual trip, they are known to demand more than 500% of the fair price. So we avoid them at any cost.

As a habit, this time also I avoided those autos and started walking. Till main road was there, I had no issues, the moment I turned to the cross road to our apartment, I had to stop and think.

Because that road had no lights and it was really scary to walk, Who knows, there may be dogs, or worst, men with wrong intentions.

I had a mobile phone, But that slim light was not enough to guide me. Hence, I stood in the corner of that road for many minutes, thinking what to do next.

At that time, an auto driver crossed me, came in reverse and asked me, ‘Madam, do you want a ride?’

He didn’t mention anything about the money, but in that scenario I would have paid him whatever he asked for, I quickly said ‘Yes’ and got into his auto rickshaw.

For the next few minutes, he didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything, only the auto’s noise was there between us. I was worried if I shouldn’t have trusted this fellow, What if he is a villan?

But thankfully, within next few minutes, I could see our house, I got down and paid him Rs 50. It was a short ride, but the kind of timely help he did, he deserves much more.

To my surprise, he refused to take that money, he said he lives next street, and just returning home, ‘So, this is just on my way home, no need to pay anything for me!’

After making sure I enter the house safe, he sped away.

That night, I noted his phone number, and started sharing it with all my friends, for any of their travel requirements, while we make bad remarks about rude drivers, such good behavior should be praised and encouraged, isn’t it?
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