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Night Shift

April 19, 2013

I studied to become a professional medical lab technitian, After completing the required course, I joined a big hospital and started earning.

After two weeks, they dropped the bomb on me, ‘we will not confirm your job, until you can handle night shifts.’

In our hospital, Night shift means one man (or one woman) army, nobody to support you, throughout the night, any number of cases that come, you need to attend all alone, and do a good job.

Frankly speaking, I loved the challenge and wanted to do it. But My father won’t agree to it.

He belongs to this old school of thinking, that women shouldn’t be working at all. He agreeing to my studies, job itself was a miracle, Now Night shift? Forget it.

But, without night shift, my job will not be confirmed, and they may even dismiss me for not acting in the best interest of the department.

When I was totally confused about what to do, One of my uncles, an ex army man came to my rescue. He spoke to my father about the kinds of jobs women are doing, and why night shift is better than day shift in many ways (because of the added security in the hospital).

After he loudly supported me, My father came down from his rigid stand and agreed to allow me to go for a night shift, provided they provide enough security to staff.

In fact, after I started working in night shifts, his stand totally changed, he started saying ‘You plan more night shifts than day shifts, That way you can learn much more from your job!’

Whenever I heard this from him, I think of my uncle who made this happen!

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