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A Real Policeman

April 14, 2013

This happened around 25 years back, I witnessed this as a ~10 year old girl.

We were living near Madurai, a famous temple town in Tamil Nadu. Throughout the year, Madurai will be buzzing with energy, due to so many festivals and other related events.

Me and my mother went to witness one such event, where there was a huge crowd, It was a real miracle that we somehow could have a good darshan of swami.

After darshan, we were returning to bus stand to catch a bus back home, when my mother suddenly started shouting, ‘Help! Help! Somebody has cut my necklace!’

Everyone around us were curious, but at the same time they were shouting at my mother, ‘you should be more careful when coming to such crowded places!’

My mother felt very bad about the loss of chain, plus these remarks and she was literally on tears, when a reassuring voice came forward to help her, it was from a policeman. He asked for some basic details from us and asked us to wait in a particular corner, then he went on a treasure hunt.

Till now, I don’t know where he went, what he did, how he found the culprit etc., within 15 minutes, he returned with the chain in his hands, and gave them to my mother.

By this time, we had lost all hope that we will get our jewel back, So we thanked him many times and offered to get him some gift, at least a juice, as a token of our appreciation.

But, he refused to accept any of that, saying ‘it is my duty, Now, be extra careful about your jewellery when you are in a crowded area, that’s what I want from you in return!’

This is exactly the same others also told us, But this hero combined action with advice and that helped us. Till today, I remember his words whenever I wear a chain or necklace, and am extra vigilant.

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  1. Really nice to know that the polici acted real fast and performed his duty deligently… we definitely need many more like him..

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